Haroon Iqbal

Haroon Iqbal

CEO - All About Amazon (AAA)

Mr Haroon Iqbal is a E-Commerce Expert and CEO of Organization AAA (All About Amazon). He has vast experience in sales, marketing, team management, and portfolio management. He has been working in this E-Commerce Sector for 3 years.

Mr Haroon initiated his career in Amazon while his U.S visit by working as an Associate with two major store chain “The Home Depot” and Amazon. While working, he closely observed various functions of E-Commerce such as Logistics, Procurement, Finance, Customers, Suppliers, Billing, Shipping and Warehouse etc.

After gaining experience, he came back to his homeland and initiate his own Amazon business to create employment opportunities in Pakistan and generate revenue for the country. He established his organization AAA with aim to create business opportunities in international market and provide the E-Commerce platform equipped with all the leading tools and techniques.

Currently, his organization is working for several prominent International organizations, mainly UK and US based such as Bajumz, FBM365, Ezmure, Nikea, Symphonic and Papurus etc. They have successfully launched 100s of products for these clients.

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